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    $645 COLA effective in September 2018

    Effective Pay Period 19, September 01, 2018, career Mail Handler craft employees are scheduled to receive the fifth of seven possible cost-of-living (COLA) adjustments as outlined in Article 9.3 of the 2016 National Agreement.  This COLA increase is based on the upward change in the relevant Consumer Price Index (CPI) following release of the July 2019 Index, and provides an annual increase of $645 for all Steps in Table 1 and for Step P of Table 2. The remaining Steps in Table 2 will receive the proportional COLA increase percentages as outlined in Article 9.3 of the National Agreement.

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      Steward Training
      Steward Training Class for 2017
      Training Class Room
      Local 321 Installation of Officers
      (L-R) Treas J Morgan, VP/BP-NDC C. Grantham, Rec Sec S. Koduah, SEBM M. Ruiz, BP GJ C. Beaittie, BP Colo. Sprgs. R. Lairscey,Local President T. Wilson
      National President Paul Hogrogian Presides the Oath of Office
      LOCAL 321 2017 ANNUAL PICNIC
      The National Postal Mail Handlers Union, the American Postal Workers Union, and the U.S. Postal Service – updates the RI-399 Dispute Resolution Procedures that were originally signed in 1992. The parties have been negotiating and discussing the terms of this Update MOU for several years, and its execution marks an important milestone in the history of RI-399 and the process for deciding jurisdictional disputes between NPMHU mail handlers and APWU clerks. The Update MOU resolves many of the pending disputes now being held at the National, Regional, and Local levels. The Update MOU also requires all local facilities employing both mail handlers and clerks to develop updated or “Revised 9-1-2017 Inventories” to reflect the actual assignment practices in each facility as of September 1, 2017, with a status quo agreement being enforced as of that date on most jurisdictional issues. If the local facilities do not sign their own inventories, then the National parties will send in representatives to complete these documents. The Update MOU provides for certain monetary payments to mail handlers and clerks, with details about the distribution of such amounts still to be determined. And, the Update MOU adopts new procedures to reduce future disputes and to keep the RI-399 process from again becoming a bottomless pit where jurisdictional disputes reside, but never get resolved.
      Download: NPMHU-Memo-to-ALL-Reps-re-RI399-settlement-062618.pdf , RI399-MOU-June-26-2018-Tripartite.pdf
      The Trump Administration on June 21, 2018 released its so-called Reform Plan and Reorganization Recommendations – formally entitled the Office of Management and Budget’s Report on Delivering Government Solutions in the 21st Century. The plan includes various Trump proposals for reorganizing the federal government. Buried deep in the Report is the President’s plan to restructure the Postal Service into a “sustainable business model” and thereby “prepare it for future conversion . . . into a privately held corporation.” “The plan itself is unsustainable,” said NPMHU President Paul Hogrogian after reading through the 128-page report. “It starts by noting that public trust in the federal government has declined over the last decade, but then proposes to dismantle the most trusted component of that government – the Postal Service – and move it into the private sector.” “The inevitable result of such privatization,” said Hogrogian, “would be to destroy universal postal services for every American,” which has been a mainstay of the nation’s systems for communications and commerce ever since the Founding Fathers put the Post Office into the U.S. Constitution. If postal services were privatized, as the Trump Administration envisions, many Americans would lose their daily access to postal services, and the cost of those services for other Americans would increase greatly. To be sure, the Postal Service currently faces a difficult financial situation, principally caused by the mandatory pre-funding of retiree benefits ordered by Congress in 2006. But there is legislation currently pending in Congress and proposed rules already issued by the Postal Regulatory Commission to address USPS finances. Taken together, these proposals provide a roadmap for sustaining the Postal Service as the cherished American institution that it always has been. Policymakers and others interested in how to ensure the future of the Postal Service should take the time needed to read the materials that all four major postal unions recently submitted to the White House Task Force on the USPS. That joint submission is linked here:
      Download: Postal-Service-Workforce-Submission.pdf , Postal-Service-Workforce-Executive-Summary.pdf , Postal-Service-Workforce-Policy-Options.pdf , Legislative-Background-and-Status-of-Postal-Reform.pdf
      March 22, 2018- Today, the United States Senate introduced legislation (The Postal Service Act of 2018) that, if enacted, could turn around the U.S. Postal Service finances for years to come and strengthen this most needed institution, stated National President Paul V. Hogrogian. He went onto praise Senators Carper, (D-DE), McCaskill, (D-MO), Moran, (R-KS) and Heitkamp, (D-ND) for their thorough work in crafting this all-consuming piece legislation which takes into consideration all stakeholders. Though this is the first step, the NPMHU proudly supports this effort and hopes to help push this needed legislation across the line.
      Download: The-Postal-Service-Reform-Act-of-2018.pdf
      February 13, 2018- The National Postal Mail Handlers along with LIUNA and several other affiliated unions of the AFL-CIO joined the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) marching shoulder-to-shoulder to voice concerns over the privatization of the Veterans Administration (VA). The AFGE is the largest federal employee union representing over 70000 federal and D.C. government workers nationwide and overseas.

    • August 17, 2018
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